Liposuction and Your Recovery Journey

Liposuction Compression Garments

Liposuction and Your Recovery Journey

Marena’s liposuction compression garments help keep you comfortable during your recovery process. Our team makes it easy to find the right garment for you. Our selection of liposuction compression garments includes recovery girdles, shapers, and more. Each model comes in different fits, sizes, and coverages, so every individual can find the right liposuction garment.

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Step 1: Heal in Comfort

Designed for comfort and ease of use immediately after surgery, Step 1 compression garments are easy to put on and provide comfortable support through extended wear. Step 1 garments include styles with hook-and-eye closures or zippers for adjustable fit and multiple coverage options with open or accessible crotches. Some garments can be used for both steps; look for the Step 1 tag and product features. If unsure, ask your medical professional which one works best for your procedure.

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After 4 weeks, when the initial swelling has gone down, Step 2 garments are designed to be comfortable under clothes, stay soft and stretch for full range of movement, while you get back to daily life. Step 2 garments include styles that are easy to step in to and pull on and off, have seams sewn on the outside for comfort, and open or accessible crotches. Some garments can be used for both steps of your recovery, depending on your procedure and your medical professional's recommendations. Measure for each step of the journey to ensure you order the correct size garment. Look for the Step 2 tags to see the recommended styles.

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Step 3: Dress with Compression

Ready to move with you and support your lifestyle, our Step 3 garments continue to provide the benefits and support of compression in styles designed to be comfortable under clothes for all-day support. Step 3 garments are recommended after 8-12 weeks. For proper sizing, please measure again to order the right size. Step 3 products include Marena Shape and Marena Sport garments.

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Marena Recovery garments are designed to provide the benefits of medical-grade compression. We design each garment to provide targeted compression and support so you can recover with comfortable support.

See the Science

Learn how we provide medical-grade compression through our exclusive patented fabric and construction.

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